Lark McCaffrey

Romantic ~ Erotic ~ Forbidden 



One sexy as sin priest...


A woman he can't stop thinking about... 


Some serious temptation...


No way in hell is he an ordained Catholic priest.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… Biker, cage fighter, Russian mafia hitman, maybe. Man of God, not so much. Because of the tat‑sleeves or six-pack? Pierced nipple, perhaps. Is it the sun-streaked blonde hair and granite-hewn features making you doubt? It’s okay, I get it. Priests don’t typically come packaged in six-foot-two frames of shredded muscle. They don’t have panty-melting smiles or bedroom eyes the color of an ocean squall. They don’t make you think fallen angel. 

No ma’am, I’m not anyone’s idea of a cleric -- lookswise or otherwise.

I  think about sex a little too much. I’m not always good about following the rules. I drop F‑bombs. I have a temper. And yeah, have shamefully broken a few vows. Would it also surprise you then to learn that despite all of the above I truly love God and the Church? That I received my calling when I was just nine? That I’d planned my life for the priesthood yet almost gave it all up for a woman? 

Now just so we’re clear… This isn’t going to be some sappy romantic rendering of forbidden love à la The Thorn Birds. Sorry to disappoint. As for those expecting a smutty one-handed read about a hot holy father sporting junk as huge as his ego, apologies again. My name is Tristan, aka Father Cleary, and whatever else you may think this story is about… I respectfully suggest you think again. 


*Advisory for strong language and sexual content.

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Second up in the stand-alone series is BROTHER, about a young Catholic novitiate yet to take his holy vows, tempted to the dark side by a seductive beauty harboring a shameful secret. 

Julian’s strong sense of morality keeps him on the divine path, but that iron will is tested when he meets Frankie—a promiscuous and troubled young woman who challenges everything the pious postulant thought he knew about himself.




The third and final book is PADRE, the story of a green military chaplain whose first tour ministering to Marine troops in Afghanistan left him with battle scars visible only on the inside.

Survivor’s guilt drove Gabriel to the bottle, but now an AA sponsor he helps others stay sober. His latest sponsee is Michaela—a kindred damaged soul also haunted by her past. She’s beautiful, broken, and a temptation the beleaguered padre definitely doesn’t need.