About Me

I've been things and seen places. 

~ Mae West ~

Lark got her BA in Drama but wound up working in healthcare instead of on stage. But she realized that life's too short not to be doing something you love, so she recently took the plunge to pursue her childhood dream of being a writer. Now she pens forbidden, off-limits, out of bounds 

contemporary romance. 

On days when isn't practicing the three R’s—reading, ’riting and 

running—she’s doing a month’s worth of laundry all at once, 

stalking hunks on Instagram for research (cough), 

or catching up with The Walking Dead. 

She's traveled the world and even spent her childhood overseas but the Emerald City is where Lark calls home. She resides there with her awesome long-suffering husband and two of the gassiest 

French Bulldogs on the planet.