Agreed. Father Cleary doesn't look like your typical Catholic priest. But tat-sleeves, six-pack and pierced nipple aside, he's given his life to the Church and his soul to God. It's his traitorous body and rebellious heart that belong to someone else.  

FATHER is about a priest whose duty to absolve the sins of others doesn’t extend to the woman who shattered his heart. Tristan is so filled with pain and bitterness that he can’t bring himself to forgive his childhood love, Kadence, for “betraying” him. Yet neither can he resist her.  Will the holy father break his vows to claim what he feels should’ve been his to begin with? Read to find out!  

*Advisory for strong pervasive language, frank sexual content with possible triggers, and an unconventional hero who isn't always so nice. (You've been warned.)