Playing with fire can get you burned.

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Soon to be released standalone novella about the forbidden/taboo love between a high school senior and her much older guardian.

Now that little Hailey Gerber is all grown up, billionaire Declan Dornan is finding it hell to resist her.

She  came into my life, unexpected and unwanted. I was a grown-ass man. She,  a girl of eleven. After seven years we’re still practically strangers  to each other. I promptly shipped her off to boarding school and watched  her grow up from afar. I stayed out of her life because I had no  interest or desire to play the role of parent.

Then, as she got  older… I kept my distance for other reasons. Before I knew what was  happening, my feelings for the girl had turned from mild indifference to  hella inappropriate. She was my ward, for God’s sake, entrusted to my  care. Not to mention way too young. At forty-one, I’m more than old  enough to be her father.

I try to convince myself it's only  lust, a mid life crisis I'm having. This obsession with her would soon  pass. As long as I keep my sick thoughts and damn dick to myself, no  harm, no foul. (Although for the things I’d been fantasizing about, I  should be flayed and shot.) It doesn't help matters that lately my wily little ward seems hell-bent on testing out her newly acquired feminine powers on me.

Like a naive idiot, I assumed I'd get my life  back once she turned eighteen and would no longer be my  responsibility--until the implication of that hit me in the bollocks  like a runaway freight train. In three weeks, she will legally be an adult. Which  means…

I am good and truly f**ked.      

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Upcoming standalone novella about the forbidden/taboo love between a college co-ed and her much older guardian.